Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Seven

Yesterday we did a lot of the same stuff, but we still got some cute pictures!

We started the day with Tupperware and avocado toast. We tried a new technique of getting in the toy bin. That was fun!

Someone cooked lunch and dropped it off. We feasted on Sauerbraten for the first time as a celebration of the Reformation! Thanks, Kyle and Kayla!

Daisy’s hair is just too long, so I had to put it in pigtails.

I decided to make some Playdough to see if that would interest Daisy. She poked it, took a bite, gagged for two minutes, threw some on the floor, and tried to eat more. Unsuccessful experiment.

We love the Ambient Visions feature on our Alexa. We can pretend to have a fish tank and that’s entertaining for Daisy. Yesterday we watched a fireworks show!

Our juggling balls came in last night so now the real practice starts. Hopefully soon we’ll get it down and can join a circus!

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