Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Six

Happy All Saints’ Day!

We began our morning by watching the Reformation service put together by my dad’s church and the surrounding churches. It was a great service. I highly recommend checking it out!

Daylight Savings was really hard on Daisy, so much of the day was spent holding her off on naps and bedtime. She was pretty crabby.

We both practiced our juggling (Yay! Our juggling balls come in today!). I finished watching Dawson’s Creek and am beyond relieved that Pacey and Joey are together.

We got a surprise delivery of cookies from Hot Box Cookies. Thanks Cameron and Hope! You guys rock!

I also started doing the 7 minute workouts on Alexa. It makes Daisy laugh to see me do jumping jacks which is really a boost to my ego, let me tell you, and I guess it’s good for me, so yay!

Here’s to eight more days!

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