Be Still, My Soul

I’m a bit behind, but this week I memorized “Be Still, My Soul,” LSB #752. This hymn is beautiful in words and melody, as is When Peace Like a River. They’re also pretty similar in themes. Both fall under the “Hope and Comfort” section of The Lutheran Service Book, which makes sense as you sing along.

Here’s a version for you to listen to by Naturally7. They sing beautifully and the video is neat! They skip a verse, and I just have to include this one by David Archuleta too because who doesn’t love him (cough, cough, Sarah?)!

“Be Still, My Soul” is another great one to have on hand at all times. The whole hymn is telling us to be still and trust in the Lord our God who can do anything: command the winds and waves, guide the future, repay what he takes away when our friends die, etc. It’s so wonderful to not only be reminded of what God can do, but then to sing praises to him for doing those things in our lives.

This hymn also makes sure to remind us that bad will come. In the first verse, we are told to “bear patiently our cross of grief or pain.” This is especially significant now as we are in the season of Lent, the season where we think of nothing but the cross, how heavy and painful, deadly, that was for our Lord Jesus. We’re warned of “thorny ways” and the third verse is about the deaths of our dear friends.

However, each of these mentions comes with the Gospel promise. We’re told of our best Friend carrying us to “a joyful end.” We’re told that our Jesus will soothe our sorrows and will “repay from His own fullness all He takes away.” Finally, we’re comforted in the promise that at the very end, “All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.”

These are just a few blurbs from this wonderful hymn. I’ve really enjoyed singing it, to myself, to the boy I nanny, and to my own daughter. They are good words to always have on my heart.

Image taken from “Be Still, My Soul,” Godtube.

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