Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Eight

Yesterday was a fun day…

I woke up when Daisy did, and before I went in to grab her, I put my hair up. As I was doing that, I heard four quick pops, felt a searing pain, and couldn’t turn my head. So that was basically my day. Tracking my next dose of ibuprofen, taking burning hot showers, and using a hot pad. I wasn’t able to pick up Daisy, so I’m really glad Miguel only had one class to watch and was able to do most of the caring for her. She was pretty concerned about her momma and wouldn’t stay too far away from me.

Later, while Miguel was doing something else, I heard Daisy go into her room. I gave her a little bit, but when she got quiet, I went in to check on her. I couldn’t find her. All the other doors were closed, so I knew she wasn’t in any of those, but she didn’t seem to be in her room either. I called out a few times, and I think she realized that I was panicking because she went “Coo!”

We spent some time looking outside because we miss it out there.

I made Daisy jello to play in. I put some toys in a container and poured jello over them. Then we stuck Daisy in the tub and let her dig out her toys. Mostly she just ate the jello, but she had fun!

Someone made us pot roast for dinner. Thanks Jordan and Brendan! It was super delicious.

Miguel had his D&D campaign that evening, online of course, so I spent the evening trying to find a comfortable position and watching Brothers and Sisters. Good show and yay for Rob Lowe!

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