About Me

I am a wife, mom, and wanna-be writer. I’ve always dreamed about writing something big. But I never wrote. This is my attempt at pursuing that dream because practice makes permanent, right?

The title “An Ink and Fire Faith” came about very randomly, actually. I was signing up for this and trying to come up with a username. The site generated a few random ones and one was “Ink and Fire Fiend.” I thought that was really cool! I loved the idea of ink and fire together, especially for a blog, but the fiend part was an issue. I didn’t want my title to include something about a demon, so I had to come up with a different word. An ink and fire what? I liked the alliteration, and my main goal is to spread the Word of God with each post, so I went with Faith.

But in this day and age, everything has to mean something. What does my title mean? Fire spreads rapidly and is all-consuming of that which crosses path with it. Ink is what we often use to write on paper. While fire would consume ink, I like the idea that we can use fire to spread our ink. Or, with this blog, my ink would spread like fire, therefore spreading my faith. If we put a little fire in the words we write and speak, perhaps God’s Word can spread faster than a wildfire.

On this blog, I’ll write on a variety of topics, chasing whatever topic is stirring my heart at that moment. I’ll probably stick with faith: providing posts that include devotions or stories, Bible studies or testimonies, but I might also write on my life or share some creative writing.

If you have suggestions for content, let me know! I’m open to ideas because I have no idea what I’m doing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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