2020 Reading Challenge

Way, way, way back, many moons ago, I challenged myself to “Read 20 Pulitzer Prize winning fiction books.” That didn’t happen. Thanksgiving week, I challenged myself to finish a different challenge.

I wrote all about that challenge on my book blog. Check it out here!

In 2021, I plan to continue this Book Hoarder challenge. I was going to also do the PopSugar challenge, but the prompts were released a few days ago, and I was not impressed with the prompts. I may decide to do the 2020 PopSugar challenge. We will see.

My main goal is to just continue reading, in whatever way that is. This year I definitely did not read as much as I should have. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized how much I missed reading, and have read six or seven books since then. I just really like to read good books!

Here’s to another year of lovely reading!

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