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Drops of Water Falling from the Sky

Today I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the window. I wasn’t surprised, as all anyone talked about yesterday was the rain that was coming today. Usually, I’m happiest when it’s raining. This morning, however, I started crying. Of course, the tears are not from the rain, but a little sunshine might have lifted my spirits.

Even though the rain brought my tears, I can’t be mad at the rain. I love it too much.

I love the way the world looks on a rainy day. Everything is bleak and dreary (sounds depressing, right?). The sky is grey and angry. The air even looks dreary. But then, especially in a spring or summer rain, I just look at the ground and see so much life. That rain is nourishing all the plants of the earth, and the dreary background makes the green so much more vibrant. I love that!

I love the way people move on rainy days. Sleepy, slowly, lazily. Rain has a funny way of making people tired. Sunshine and light are to important to the process of waking up, so when its dark and dreary outside, people don’t wake up.

People drive with more caution because roads are slippery, so traffic is slower. Some people probably hate that, but it gives me more time to sit in the warmth of my car, watch the rain slide down the windows and hear the drops pelt the roof. Of course, when outside, people run to and fro, trying to stay as dry as possible, but me, with my bright yellow umbrella, I move slowly. Letting the rain hit my umbrella, watching the empty streets fill with water.

Everyone longs to be lazy on rainy days. Everyone wants to stay at home, in bed, with a movie, or a book, or a loved one. This usually transfers to the work day. Productiveness is lost to laziness as one watches the rain at the windows. Me? I’d much rather be at home, sitting on my porch, listening to the rain, reading Jane Eyre. That all just fits so well together. But that will have to wait till later: hopefully it’s still raining when I get home.

Today, instead of the joy and anticipation I usually feel with a rainfall, I only feel sorrow and desperation. Why? Who knows. It’s been a tough week (month, year, really). My hormones are acting up. I’m supposed to go camping, and it’s raining. I just read the chapter in Jane Eyre where she finds out about Mrs. Rochester. I want a dog. I miss my mom. So in my apartment, over my breakfast, I cried.

Then I got outside and felt rejuvenated. Rain is a wonderful thing. Cleansing, peaceful, and most important, reminding of my baptism. I’m a child of God! Even on days when I can’t stop crying, the most important thing for me to remember is that I am God’s very own. He’ll take care of me. He sent this rain to cleanse and refresh the earth. And maybe he sent the rain to remind me of him.

When I go home, I’ll sit on the porch enjoy the rain. If it’s stopped, I’ll look at the green grass, think of the rain that watered it, and read about Jane and Edward.


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