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Things I learned while quarantined

I know. I said I would stop talking about it, but what's one more post? This one will be simple. A quick list about the few things I learned while stuck inside for two weeks. I don't own enough pajama pants for two weeks of pajamas and no laundryI do have enough underwear for two… Continue reading Things I learned while quarantined

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I took a break for a while, in case you hadn't noticed. I needed a moment to stop and figure out why I was doing this, what I was hoping to gain, what I was trying to portray or prove. I had another miscarriage a few weeks ago, and it felt like everything I was… Continue reading

Experiences · Personal Reflection

10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts

This is blog post 100! How crazy is that? I started this in August 2018 hoping it would force me to write more frequently and challenge me to finding unique ways of sharing things and finding things to share. I think it's working, at least so far. I was originally going to write 100 things… Continue reading 10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts