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My Harry Potter Challenge Update

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to read one chapter of the Harry Potter series each day. I'm the type who reads the entire series in a week (or less), so limiting how often, how much, and how many times I can read through the series has been a challenge, but a good one. I… Continue reading My Harry Potter Challenge Update

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To Have and to Hold

On Tuesday, Miguel and I celebrated three years of marriage. In the grand scheme of things, that doesn't seem like a lot. We've lived a lot more life than that, and we will, Lord willing, live a lot more life. But upon further reflection three years is quite an accomplishment, I think. I made a… Continue reading To Have and to Hold

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10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts

This is blog post 100! How crazy is that? I started this in August 2018 hoping it would force me to write more frequently and challenge me to finding unique ways of sharing things and finding things to share. I think it's working, at least so far. I was originally going to write 100 things… Continue reading 10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts

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The Coolest Grandma in the World

I've been working really hard to remember to call my family more often. It used to be months before I talked with someone, and that's just not great. Especially my grandma. Lately, I've been calling her almost every two weeks, if not two, than three. See, my grandma is amazing and wonderful. Grandma just turned… Continue reading The Coolest Grandma in the World