50 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve seen this blog topic pop up several times, and today, when I’m feeling grumpy, is the best day to try and do this. Here we go! (These aren’t listed in any order of preference. I just typed them as they came to me)

  1. Snow. (This comes to mind first and foremost because it’s snowing right now and that eases the grump in me. It’s so lovely falling down, and I just keep hoping that it’ll actually stick to the ground so I can play in the snow.
  2. Cold. Now, while being cold doesn’t actually make me happy, the cold makes me happy. Being cold means I can wear thick, fuzzy socks, fluffy pajama pants, sweaters, gloves, hats, mittens, fluffy coats, etc.
  3. Tea. Right now, I’m drinking a cup of Earl Grey, which is, hands down, the best tea in the world. It blends all the best flavors and is strong and lovely and makes me smile. I just love tea.
  4. Coffee. Maybe this is cheating and coffee and tea should go together, but they are not the same thing at all. Coffee makes the world go round, I’m certain.
  5. Yellow.
  6. Rain.
  7. Books. I love reading so much, and even if it’s a book I don’t enjoy, it still makes me happy because… books…
  8. Words, words, words.
  9. Ice cream. I love ice cream so much. All the kinds of ice cream. Even chocolate ice cream, which isn’t good, makes me happy.
  10. Evenings. Evenings make me happy because it’s the beginning of the end of the day. It’s the time when I can usually relax, unwind, and be myself again. I love watching the sun set, and I love when the world is dark again. Everything goes to sleep.
  11. Jane Austen. Jane is my role model. I want to be her when I grow up.
  12. Princess Diana. I just watched a fantastic documentary on Princess Di called Diana: In Her Own Words. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and I definitely cried. A lot. In high school for a speech competition, I memorized and gave the eulogy given by her brother, Earl Spencer, at her funeral. It is so moving and heart-felt.
  13. Puns. A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game.
  14. Road Trips. Being confined in a car for x amount of hours can be very liberating, I think.
  15. Traveling. I love to see new places, make new memories in the new places, and broaden my horizons. There is so much world to see, and I aim to see it all.
  16. Slippers. They’re so fluffy!
  17. Dogs. I just want to cuddle and love them all. They never betray you or judge you, and they’ll always love you.
  18. Snap chats from my mom. She’s a real hoot!
  19. My husband. He’s a gem.
  20. My parents. God blessed me with the best!
  21. My brothers. They’re awesome and fun. You should hang out with them too.
  22. Lenten hymns. Singing hymns is an amazing way to spend your time, and I’m a big fan of all hymns, but I think Lenten hymns are just lovely and beautiful.
  23. Playing piano. I’m not great, but I can carry a tune, and I enjoy doing it, which is what matters to me.
  24. New socks. Wearing a pair of socks for the first time is a really great feeling, especially when they’re fun and just waiting to be shown off.
  25. Sweaters. Can you say cozy?
  26. Learning. There’s so much I don’t know, and I have to learn to know it, so I want to keep learning and keep knowing.
  27. Blogging. It’s a fun way to express your thoughts, share a new idea, learn about yourself, and write.
  28. The smell of old books.
  29. The feel of new books/journals. Writing that first sentence on a brand new notebook makes me smile.
  30. Flying. It always blows my mind how flying in a plane works and how nobody else ever seems to be as shocked and humbled as I am when the plane takes off.
  31. Harry Potter. I can’t really describe this one because my love for Harry Potter goes beyond words.
  32. The High Kings.
  33. Weddings. I’ve never been to a wedding where I haven’t cried, even if I don’t even know the person. My crying is, of course, happy crying.
  34. Friday evenings when my work shift ends, and I walk out of the office. Need I say more?
  35. Christmas. Music, decorations, sweaters, scents, food… I love it all.
  36. Elephants. They are truly a majestic creature, and if I were an animal, I would absolutely be an elephant.
  37. Grocery shopping. I like cooking, and for me, part of the fun is planning out a meal, figuring out what I need, and finding the best deal in the stores. Also, I love to people watch.
  38. Bookstores. I want to always be surrounded by books.
  39. Libraries. They’re like bookstores, only free.
  40. Coffee shops. The atmosphere in coffee shops is just so pleasant, and I get coffee.
  41. Mountains. Talk about humbling!
  42. Stars. They remind me how cool and creative our God is.
  43. Going home. There really is no place like home.
  44. Dreams. It’s so fun to wake up and think about where my mind took me in my sleep.
  45. Quiet, lazy mornings. I like to wake up, do my Bible study, journal, and then just sit on the couch and read a book for a bit to get my day going.
  46. Walks. Going on a walk in the fresh air, especially after day of office work, is great for unwinding.
  47. Shakespearean Insults.”Poisonous bunch-backed toad!”
  48. Goodwill. The books there are only $.99, and you never know when you’ll find the perfect sweater.
  49. Making and completing lists.
  50. Getting mail: letters, packages, and anything but ads.

That was fun! I encourage everyone to try it. It’s can get a little tricky towards the end, but it’s worth it!


Image taken from The Kiss of Joy.What Makes Me Happy.”

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