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Words, words, words

I recently read And Then There Were Nun by Jane Christmas. It's the story of Jane entering a convent to decide if that was her calling. In one chapter, she begins discussing Catholic prayers and the changes prayers have taken over the years. People, teachers, parents, etc. are modernizing the language of prayers to make them more… Continue reading Words, words, words

Personal Reflection

One Year Later

I started this blog one year ago today! On August 21, 2018, I posted my very first post on this blog. Since then, I've posted 109 times about many different things. There really isn't a rhyme or reason to what I post about, except on Wednesdays, when I post my Wordless Wednesday posts (today is… Continue reading One Year Later


Why I Love Books (And You Should, Too!)

Why do I love books? What's with my obsession? Why can't I stop reading books? I've never actually been asked that question, but it's an important one for me to answer, and it's an important question for others to hear the answer. Books are such a vital part in my life, and it's time for… Continue reading Why I Love Books (And You Should, Too!)