Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day One

We have COVID in our house! We had positive tests yesterday, so we started our 14 day quarantine. This morning, we looked up a variety of lists to find inspiration for things to do during this time inside. Because my husband is a student at a seminary, we have strict rules about not leaving our… Continue reading Quarantine Day One


We will have trouble

I'm slowly but surely "finding my way" back to God's Word. What a mindless phrase for me to have picked out, "finding my way." It's silly and in this case, not at all true. It if were me and me alone, I never would come back to the Word. I would run far away and… Continue reading We will have trouble

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You Should Cross Yourself

I'm a big fan of action movies. I enjoy a good re-watch of Die Hard or some other action flick. Big explosions, fist fights and shoot-outs are just some of the necessary ingredients. And there is nothing better than a good villain in an action movie, somebody who says something like, "You don't wanna know… Continue reading You Should Cross Yourself