Choose Joy!

Here are some things to be happy about today: God is still in control! You woke up today! Yay! Good job! Spring! Winter has passed, and soon the weather will warm back up. Close your eyes for just a minute. 250 babies were born in that time! There are over 1000 flavors of ice cream. About 6,000… Continue reading Choose Joy!

Gratitude · Personal Reflection

All Things Fall

I love, love, love, love fall. And it's just around the corner (or so I keep telling myself on these outrageously hot days). It's my second favorite season (number one being winter, of course). I find it hard not to appreciate fall in a world that's "fall-crazy." No joking, I saw ads for pumpkin spice… Continue reading All Things Fall

Gratitude · Personal Reflection

The Coolest Grandma in the World

I've been working really hard to remember to call my family more often. It used to be months before I talked with someone, and that's just not great. Especially my grandma. Lately, I've been calling her almost every two weeks, if not two, than three. See, my grandma is amazing and wonderful. Grandma just turned… Continue reading The Coolest Grandma in the World