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I took a break for a while, in case you hadn't noticed. I needed a moment to stop and figure out why I was doing this, what I was hoping to gain, what I was trying to portray or prove. I had another miscarriage a few weeks ago, and it felt like everything I was… Continue reading


Budget Friendly Ideas

I'm a stay-at-home mom right now, and my hope is that I'll be able to continue this for the next year as well. In order to do this, my family has had to cut back in certain areas and find cheaper ways of doing things.  Here are some pretty easy ways we've decided to save… Continue reading Budget Friendly Ideas

Experiences · Personal Reflection

10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts

This is blog post 100! How crazy is that? I started this in August 2018 hoping it would force me to write more frequently and challenge me to finding unique ways of sharing things and finding things to share. I think it's working, at least so far. I was originally going to write 100 things… Continue reading 10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts