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Things I learned while quarantined

I know. I said I would stop talking about it, but what’s one more post?

This one will be simple. A quick list about the few things I learned while stuck inside for two weeks.

  • I don’t own enough pajama pants for two weeks of pajamas and no laundry
  • I do have enough underwear for two weeks of no laundry
  • Fresh air is really important
  • Introverts need socialization too
  • Juggling (I’m actually pretty okay at it now!)
  • Babies don’t like being inside all day every day.
  • Adults don’t either
  • I don’t watch enough Impractical Jokers on the reg.
  • When all I have is time to read, I don’t want to read (I picked a book up for the first time today)
  • People are really nice: we had people buying us meals, cooking us meals, grocery shopping for us, dropping off new toys for Daisy, dropping off wine and popcorn, etc.
  • Online shopping is a problem when you’re stuck at home
  • Food delivery is a problem when you’re stuck at home
  • Facebook gets really boring
  • Babies change a lot in two weeks: Daisy learned to walk and hardly crawls now
  • Music gets annoying
  • Leftovers get annoying
  • Sometimes it feels really good to take a shower and change clothes
  • Alexa has a lot of cool visual features to keep you and baby entertained

That’s all I can think of, but I think I grew quite a bit over quarantine (in knowledge and in waistline… I’ll be walking several times each day to make up for those exercise-less weeks).

Now. I feel like I’ve gotten all my quarantine ramblings off my chest and can move on to a new subject. Tomorrow. Maybe.

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