Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Twelve

Another day done. Still no end in sight. Still pretty cranky.

Again, we didn’t do much today. Just kept each other entertained. We called both of Daisy’s grandmas, and I talked to my brother. That was nice. Good to catch up with family.

We solidified our Thanksgiving plans and booked a hotel. We’re really excited to go see Miguel’s family!

Our juggling balls are falling apart already, so I spent part of the day emailing back and forth with the company trying to get a refund or replacement. They should be sending a replacement this week. Hopefully those are better.

Daisy has gotten much better at entertaining herself. She can just sit and look at books quietly for about 20 minutes, which is a nice little break. She also really loves squash, even at 9:00am.

Last night, after Daisy went to bed, I really wanted cookies, so at 8:00pm, I made cookies. I had a box of German Chocolate cake mix, and I added two eggs, 1/2 c. vegetable oil, and a sprinkle of flour. I also tossed in a glob of peanut butter, cuz why not? I stirred it all up, scooped it into cookies, and baked at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. They’re pretty good!

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