Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Eleven

We’re getting there. I promise I’ll stop writing about this as soon as I can…

Yesterday was a rough day for most of us. We’re so tired of being inside, so tired of each other, and yesterday was a long, hard day.

It’s been two weeks since we were exposed. We don’t know when we’ll be “released” from this isolation. Moods around here aren’t great.


Daisy and I played catch for a little bit.

Daisy crawled under a table and got really mad when she couldn’t sit or stand up and kept hitting her head.

Then Daisy tried on some cool shades.

I wanted to check on the progress of her molars. Much to my surprise, she has three molars poking through! I was thinking she only had two, so that was a fun discovery. She’s up to 11 teeth now! I had to note those new molars in her baby book, and that lead to me ordering more pictures for her baby book, including her birth announcement.

She was so tiny! *sigh*

I practiced juggling again since my neck isn’t broken anymore. One of our juggling balls is already leaking stuffing, and three others are about to leak. Yay for cheap things we spend our money on. Add that to the list of crankiness for the day. But both Miguel and I are doing well, so at least we spent our quarantine time trying to grow in a certain area, right?

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