Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Four

Woohoo! Ten more days to go!

Yesterday, I started feeling a bit better. The sun came out, which was nice, even just through the window. It got warm enough that we could open the windows and not freeze, so we were able to get rid of the sick air we’d been breathing for three days.

We just spent the day playing and entertaining each other. Miguel just had one class, so he wasn’t busy for too long. Daisy took two long naps, which gave Miguel and me the chance to also take two long naps which drastically helped out constitutions.

I put on a big pot of chicken soup. We don’t have noodles. So we had chicken soup. I did find some dumplings in the freezer, so I threw those in, but they were beef so that was weird. However, there isn’t much better than soup on a sick day.

We watched an underwater world on Alexa for a while. That’s pretty cool. She plays lounge music too so we felt “fancy.”

Anyway. That was our fourth day.

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