Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day 3

Yesterday was Miguel’s busy class day. Although he isn’t attending in person, the classes are live-streamed so that he can watch from home.

I didn’t take pictures because I was busy trying to help our girl be happy, which is a whole day’s work.

We watched Daisy’s favorite YouTube video: Animal Sounds Songs. It’s pretty groovy. Daisy loves it.

We played in the cupboards and played with her musical firetruck. We hugged teddy bears. And we snuggled a bit.

Then, someone dropped off some blocks that her kids were done with, so Daisy got a new toy!

We had an early bedtime because two 20 minute naps were all Daisy “needed” throughout the day. The evening was spent eating pie and watching Dawson’s Creek.

Thus we spent Quarantine Day Three.

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