Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day Two

Yesterday, everyone felt okay throughout the day, but the evening was pretty miserable.

We spent the day playing in the cupboards, playing in the ball pit, and riding our musical fire truck.

While Daisy had fun with all that, I had to wash cloth diapers in the bathtub. As mentioned in the previous post, we aren’t able to do laundry because it’s in a shared space. However, I couldn’t let dirty cloth diapers sit for two weeks, so wash them I did. And let me tell you. Handwashing isn’t fun to begin with. Add on Covid (tired and achy body, congestion, cough, etc.), and it’s really quite terrible. But I did it, and that’s that.

After our afternoon naps, everyone felt absolutely terrible, so we watched some TV and ate Panera soup (Thanks, Mom!).

Daisy went to bed, and Miguel and I put together a Charcuterie board with what we had around the house: slim jim’s, pirate’s booty, lunchmeat cheese, crackers, hummus, and a cutie. Then we put on face-masks and played Among Us (virtually, of course) with some friends.

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