Quarantine Days

Quarantine Day One

We have COVID in our house! We had positive tests yesterday, so we started our 14 day quarantine.

This morning, we looked up a variety of lists to find inspiration for things to do during this time inside. Because my husband is a student at a seminary, we have strict rules about not leaving our small home at all (this means we can’t take out our trash, we can’t do our laundry which is in a shared basement, and we can’t take short walks). Being stuck in a tiny two bedroom apartment for fourteen days with a one-year-old is going to be a challenge, so we’re trying everything to keep things entertaining for both the parents and the baby.

I decided to share our journey on the blog. Each day of quarantine, I’ll post about what we did. If you have suggestions for activities we can do, please let me know! We’re desperate here.

Here’s what yesterday (Day 1) looked like for us.

I started the day making bagels. We hadn’t gotten results yet, but we both felt pretty icky, so we had a good feeling that we would be stuck inside for a while, and I knew we would need bagels to get through this (check them out in the photo for this post). Here’s the recipe I used. It was really easy, and they are so yummy!

The rest of the day was pretty low-key. We were all tired, Miguel and I were achy and feeling yucky, so we tried to take it easy.

Daisy watched a farm video and played dress-up with my leggings.

We called Grandma and Grandpa, and Daisy took a bath then went to bed.

Miguel spent the evening playing DnD (online of course) with his friends, and I had a video chat to catch up with my dear friend Mel.

Then we went to bed and hoped for a better tomorrow!

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