Feeling Fine

I’ve had Matthew West’s new song, Truth Be Told stuck in my head for the past few days. I’ve heard it on the radio a lot, so it makes sense.

Finally, today, after humming the melody for the umpteenth time, I decided to look up the lyrics.

The words really struck a chord with me. And I don’t have anything profound to say about them, mostly just rambling about how they make me feel, or how I can relate to them.

Part of the song talks about how when people ask how you’re doing, society has taught us that the only correct answer is to say “I’m fine,” even though we rarely are “fine.” [Enter Ross Geller]

God made us to be social creatures, but somewhere along the line, probably around the time of the Fall, we lost that. Sure we like to talk to people about the hottest clothes or the newest movies, but when it comes to ourselves and how we’re feeling, it’s almost impossible to open up.

I’m not a social butterfly. I struggle to make small talk. I don’t converse easily. Even with my closest friends, with my family, I rarely tell them how I’m doing. My husband often has to pry to get me to open up.

I’d rather just say I’m fine.

I say I’m fine, yeah I’m fine oh I’m fine, hey I’m fine but I’m not

I’m broken

Matthew West, Truth Be Told

I guess the cool part of the song is the line “There’s no failure, no fall/There’s no sin you don’t already know…”

No matter where I’m at with God, he knows exactly. He knows that I’m not fine, he knows that I’m hurting, and that’s okay. That’s better than okay, actually. He knows and he’s still working through and in me so that one day I’ll be more than fine.

Anyway, listen to the song. It’s pretty catchy.

Image taken from Film Fever.

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