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I have a book blog, but I figured I could share little blurbs about what I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I will read.

I just finished a book called The Light Between Oceans, by M.L. Stedman, which was absolutely beautiful and brilliant. It’s one of those books where if I had more patience, I would need recovery time, but I need to be reading books. I highly recommend it for any reader with a heart. Just kidding. Mostly. 

I’m currently reading Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks. This book was inspired by an envelope Sparks found in Kindred Spirit, a mailbox on Bird Island, NC. People just leave whatever they want in this mailbox. Someone told Sparks about it, he went searching, and he came back with this story! Pretty cool, eh?

Today, I plan on starting Prince of Wales: A Biography by Jonathan DimblebyI like to try and make myself smarter by reading (sometimes it works, but mostly I just end up with a lot of not so useful information). I am fascinated by the Royal Family, and having just finished a biography on the Queen, I decided it was time I gave Prince Charles a try. 

That’s what’s on my reading list! Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “My Reads

    1. Depends on the book! Nowadays, with Daisy, it takes a couple days because I can only read when she’s napping. 🙂


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