Choose Joy!

Here are some things to be happy about today:

  • God is still in control!
  • You woke up today! Yay! Good job!
  • Spring! Winter has passed, and soon the weather will warm back up.
  • Close your eyes for just a minute. 250 babies were born in that time!
  • There are over 1000 flavors of ice cream.
  • About 6,000 couples will get married today!
  • Somewhere in the world, there is an elephant spraying water like this one.
  • Audible is offering free audio books for kids! See more here.
  • The Southern White Rhino is no longer endangered along with these five other animals!
  • Someone is making loads of donuts right now.
  • You still have access to Internet.
  • This cute seal will give you kisses.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber turned 71 today.
  • We’ve had Oreos for 108 years.
  • 97,571 people have recovered from the Coronavirus.
  • This cute baby:20200315_101058


What else can we be happy about today?

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