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What I want for 2020

Time for new goals!

I’m going to keep some goals that I really enjoyed from the previous year, and I’ll also throw in some extras.

  • Don’t go more than two weeks without blogging
    • I want to keep this blog up, and when I get busy, I forget to write. Hopefully this year I can continue writing each week. I know life gets busy, so I’m starting out with a two-week goal to give myself some buffer time
  • Maintain a budget
    • Miguel and I have been struggling with this for about three years (we’ve been married about three years, to give some context…), and I want to make it stick this year.
  • Continue to fill out “Happy Jar” with things that make us happy throughout the year
  • Take more pictures
    • I started doing Wordless Wednesday posts in the hopes that I would take more pictures, and that helped a little bit, but I really would like to document my life more, even just the everyday, especially with a baby.
  • Journal once a week
    • I recently read through the journal I kept during college, and I realized how much I appreciated being able to look back at what was happening and how I was feeling. I’d like to be able to do that when I’m 80 which means I have to keep a consistent journal.
  • Read a book a day to Daisy
    • I love reading, and I want to instill a love of books in her too. Plus, she loves looking at bright colored books.
  • Fill out as much of our family tree as I can
    • My dad has collected as much history from my side that he can, and he recently gave me a family tree book to fill out on my own. Miguel and I are embarking on a project to collect as many names and dates as we can.
  • Read 20 Pulitzer Prize winning fiction books
    • This is my reading challenge for the year. I needed to cut down from the challenge of 50 I did last year. I’m finding that I don’t have as much time to read as I did last year. As always, I’ll be tracking my books on my book blog.

I’m pretty excited about these goals. I have a wide variety of areas I want to work on, and a variety of things I want to accomplish, so I’ll definitely be busy. Perhaps this is too much and I should start out smaller, but I kept coming up with goals I wanted, so let’s see how it goes!


Image taken from Military.com, TSP Contribution Limits Are Increasing for 2020.

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