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2019 in Review

Time to review the past year! Here is my post of goals for 2019. Looking back at the post, I’m proud of the goals I set for myself, and I’m okay with the fact that I didn’t meet all the goals I set.
To find my year in books, visit my book blog. I kept track of the books I read for the PopSugar challenge. I didn’t quite complete it, but I made pretty good progress! I enjoyed this one a lot because I had to work harder to find books to fit the categories, which forced me to expand my reading horizons more than I had to when I did the ABC challenge.
I successfully read a chapter of Harry Potter each day until about September 25th, when I got a little busy with a newborn. That was a great challenge for me. I loved having a little bit of Harry Potter in each day. I read through the series once and then read through the third before my daughter was born. Now, when she’s in a good mood, I read Harry Potter to her. So far she’s loving it!
I also did read at least five books that I’ve owned for a while but hadn’t read yet. I read them for the PopSugar challenge also, but I figured that was fine! I need to keep working on this because I have so many books that I haven’t read yet.
Daily devotions didn’t have a great start, but when we moved to Iowa City, I picked it back up and kept that going. Now that I have Daisy, I can do my devotions with her, which is a whole new wonderful experience.
I definitely did not lose 15 pounds, unless you count the pounds I lost the day I gave birth. I didn’t know I would get pregnant in the first month of the year, making it rather difficult to lose weight. I will add that in to my 2020 goals, however!
Miguel and I went on walks almost every day for the first nine months of the year! We’re hoping to pick that up again in the spring when it’s warm enough to bring the baby along (notice a theme here?).
I successfully crocheted three blankets this year! Yay! Find one, two, and three here (also check out four and five)!
The last goal I had was keeping track of all the happy moments in our happy jar with Miguel. This was my favorite one so far! It was such a great way to keep track of all the joy we had in just 365 days. Our jar is full to the brim and I cannot wait for New Year’s to read through all our happiness!
All in all, I’d say it was an amazing year. God is good all the time, and keeping track of these things helps me to see exactly how God was good to me this year. Now I have two days to come up with goals for 2020, and I’m so excited to start out again!
Happy New Year!

Enjoy this picture of a cute baby:


Photo credit: Grandma

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