Christmas: What’s it about?

Wow. Christmas is almost here… already! Where did this year go? Time just refuses to slow down.

With Christmas around, I’ve seen bunches of videos of cute kids answering “What does Christmas mean to you?” Kids answer with gifts or Santa, a break from school or cookies. Adults on the streets are asked the same question, and these videos make me question my own answer: what does Christmas mean to me?

My gut response is “family.” Then I think about ugly sweaters, fuzzy socks, decorations, snow, hot cocoa, carols, etc. Somewhere along the way, I remember, oh yeah, Jesus plays a pretty big part too.

Shame on me. Shame on me for losing sight of what it’s all about. What is it all about? As the children in my church’s program reminded me on Sunday, it’s all about that baby.

My prayer for you and me this Christmas season is that we can put aside the stress of cleaning the house for family, put aside the stress of buying gifts for everyone and his grandmother, put aside family drama to remember what Christmas is all about. Remember that little baby sent from Heaven, fully man and fully God, who is the savior of all.

Merry Christmas!