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All Things Fall

I love, love, love, love fall. And it’s just around the corner (or so I keep telling myself on these outrageously hot days). It’s my second favorite season (number one being winter, of course). I find it hard not to appreciate fall in a world that’s “fall-crazy.” No joking, I saw ads for pumpkin spice on August 1st. That’s a little much… Don’t get me wrong, I do like a bit of pumpkin spice in my life, but it’s hard to enjoy when it’s 90 degrees and 75% humidity. Also, we don’t need to make pumpkin spice everything. It loses it’s appeal after a while.

Anyway. Fall. Why do I love fall? Let me tell you.

  • The smells. I love the smell of leaves, and fall rains leave the best scents. Just standing outside on a fall day makes me very, very happy.
  • The temperature is absolutely perfect in fall. Jeans and a flannel are all you need to be comfortable. Sometimes you might want to throw a hat on, which makes it even better because I love hats.
  • The leaves changing colors are just beautiful. Isn’t it incredible how God created our planet to have four uniquely colorful seasons? I just love it.
  • Because of the temperature, the sights, and the smells, fall is the perfect time for walks. I love going on walks with Miguel, but it’s so hard to walk in the summer because it’s always just way too hot; you either have to go early in the morning or very late at night after it cools down, but in fall, you can go whenever you want!
  • Apples! I’m very excited because I found a few different apple orchards around us in Iowa City, and I cannot wait to go explore them! I love apples, apple pie, apple donuts, and apple cider.
  • Pumpkins! Pretty much the same as what I said above: there are some great looking pumpkin patches around us where you ride a wagon to the patch and pick your pumpkin, and that sounds amazing to me. I love carving pumpkins, and I’m definitely doing that with my little one this fall (Okay, so I’ll do the carving, and I’ll just take a cute picture of the little one by the pumpkin.). Plus, some pumpkin patches have popcorn balls which are delicious!
  • Halloween is pretty fun. I mostly love Halloween because of the pumpkins, but Halloween also means discount candy and CANDY CORN. The best thing since sliced bread. I love candy corn so much, and I can’t wait for that first bag.
  • We celebrate the Reformation, which is always a grand time. Yay Martin Luther! Here’s more on why the Reformation is kind of a big deal.
  • Open windows. There is nothing I love more than being able to open the windows. Plus, saving on utilities? Yes, please!
  • Thanksgiving. I really love Thanksgiving. Yes, I love the food and all, but really, I just love the time I get to spend with my family, cooking, eating, and watching the dog show that always just ends up on the TV. I do love that Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade too.

There are a lot more reasons why I love fall, because, come on, it really is just an amazing season. But I think I could find reasons to love all seasons, because all seasons are wonderful. God is creative, and God is good. What he has made is very good.


Image taken from BBC Radio 4.Four Seasons – Autumn Oddities.”


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