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My Harry Potter Challenge Update

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to read one chapter of the Harry Potter series each day. I’m the type who reads the entire series in a week (or less), so limiting how often, how much, and how many times I can read through the series has been a challenge, but a good one.

I just finished my first read through of the series. I have to admit that I’m really appreciating this slow and steady read-through. Instead of reading them as fast as I can as many times as I can and then getting sick of them (yes, Mom. I do get tired of it.), I am pacing myself and am experiencing an enjoyment of the series that’s lasted longer than ever. 

It’s also nice that every day, no matter what’s going on, how I’m feeling, or what the weather is like, I have at least one chapter of Harry Potter to start my day. It’s fun that I always have a small section from my favorite books to kick off each morning. It makes me happy!

I’ve also enjoyed that only being allowed one chapter a day has made me slow down on my reading. Because I’ve read it so many times, I tend to skim or speed-read on my re-reads. But now, it’s impossible for me to hurry through the books. I’m free to take my time once again and learn to appreciate every little bit of the books.

Now I get to start over again, back at the beginning. I won’t finish the series again before the end of the year, and I won’t be doing this again next year, but it has been quite an enjoyable resolution, which are resolutions I can get behind!


Image taken from Multilingual Books. “Harry Potter Complete Series Boxed Set.”

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