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10 Things I’ve learned in 100 Blog Posts

This is blog post 100! How crazy is that? I started this in August 2018 hoping it would force me to write more frequently and challenge me to finding unique ways of sharing things and finding things to share. I think it’s working, at least so far.

I was originally going to write 100 things I’ve learned in 100 blog posts, but I got to about 35 when I realized I didn’t learn that much and most of what I was saying I was repeating but worded differently and that would make a very boring list, so I decided it would be better to condense that down to 10 things I’ve learned.

  1. Write about whatever, even if it sounds stupid. Someone might appreciate it.
  2. Writing is healing. It might not make bad days good, but it helps put words to the bad days. Write about what hurts because it will help it hurt less.
  3. Write about people, even if they don’t read your blog. Write about those who have influenced you and encouraged you.
  4. Make deadlines, but make them flexible deadlines. If you really don’t have anything to write, then don’t. It’s better to not write one day then to write really badly just because you’re pressuring yourself. That being said, don’t punish yourself for missing deadlines.
  5. Always carry a notebook-you never know when inspiration will strike.
  6. If you have a passion, chances are you can write really well on it. So write about your passions.
  7. Accept criticism. Even if you don’t agree, accept it. Appreciate it. Consider it.
  8. You can’t be unique, because there’s a blog for everything already. And that’s okay.
  9. Have fun and use your blog as an opportunity to grow as a person and as a writer.
  10. Celebrate the victories like 100 views or 100 posts, and move on from the fails like the post with no views.


Image taken from The Telegraph. Genetic healthy ageing test predicts chances of reaching 100.”

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