Blanket Number Three!!!

Guys. I can scratch one thing off my New Year’s Resolutions List. I have finished three blankets this year! Maybe I took the easy route because two of them are baby blankets, but I’m okay with that. I started another one that I might finish, and I know I’ll be starting a new one when I go home and my mom teaches me another pattern, so I’ll get more than three done. So there.

Anyway. This is the latest blanket.


It’s for my dear friends who are having a baby at the end of July. Critter and Lauren went to undergrad with us, and then came to the seminary with us! Now, we’re having babies at the same-ish time! How fun?!

I made this blanket with Baby Bee Adore-A-Ball Super Bulky Yarn: Angel and Maiden Fair. This is a V-Stitch, which Mom just taught me, but I’m not sure you can really tell because of how thick the yarn is. I want to make a blanket using thinner yarn in this stitch, because I really liked it! Maybe next time…


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