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The Coolest Grandma in the World

I’ve been working really hard to remember to call my family more often. It used to be months before I talked with someone, and that’s just not great. Especially my grandma. Lately, I’ve been calling her almost every two weeks, if not two, than three.

See, my grandma is amazing and wonderful. Grandma just turned 83 last month, and I called her on her birthday. It was really cute because she was so surprised that I called her, which just goes to show that I don’t (or didn’t) call her enough. She’s still kicking butt at everything.

I love my phone calls with her, because she can talk for half-an-hour about everything she did, just that day! She knows how to keep busy, and I think it’s amazing. My goal is to be her when I grow up.


Why do I love my grandma? Let me count the ways.

  1. She’s amazing.
  2. Talk about unconditional love.
  3. She makes the best spaghetti in the world.
  4. She is the ONLY person who knows how to correctly make gorp. She even tried to teach me once, but it just wasn’t as good as hers. It never is…
  5. She’s the reason for a lot of the items on my bucket list:
    1. travel to all 50 states
    2. go on an Alaskan cruise
    3. have regular family gatherings/reunions
    4. have regular family Christmas
    5. and more that I can’t think of right now…
  6. She makes it a point to be at every family event, regardless of the distance needed to travel or the date/time. She’ll be there.
  7. Her faith is first in her life, and it shows.
  8. She’s always good for a laugh.
  9. She’s not afraid to be silly, even in public when her kids wish she wouldn’t be.
  10. She loves ice cream.
    1. One time, I called her as I was sitting down with some ice cream, and she answered sooner than I expected. I couldn’t say hi right away because I had just taken a bite of ice cream. She didn’t say hi either, so there was this moment of awkward silence. I swallowed my ice cream and said, “Grandma?” She said, “Sorry, I couldn’t answer. I just took a big bite of ice cream!” Best moment of our relationship.
    2. She got me hooked on butter pecan ice cream. Yummy.
  11. She doesn’t have a filter.
    1. And boy is that hilarious!
  12. Breakfasts at Grandma’s were always the best: Sunny D and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  13. She’s never afraid to try new things
    1. Going to Africa and wearing a snake
    2. Zip-lining… (don’t tell her children.)
  14. We have the same middle name.
    1. I recently attended my cousin’s bridal shower, and I had the privilege of sitting across from Grandma. At one point, we needed to know the bride’s middle name. All three of us share the same name. Grandma forgot one of ours, but I won’t say which one. We laughed pretty hard at her for that (fear not, she laughed at herself too).

I could go on, but this should be a blog post, not a blog book. If you want to hear more of why my grandma is the greatest, just let me know, and we can chat about her.



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