My Second Blanket

I finished my second blanket of the year!

This one I made for my niece, who is just a few months old. It turned out really large, but that’s okay because she can use it for a long while!

This one was a corner to corner, with alternating random stripes of I Love This Yarn! Soft Pink, Grey Mist, and Bella Donna.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I really love these colors for a baby girl. I also love corner to corner blankets, which I’m sure  you figured out considering I’ve made three in a row…

Now I just have to get this in the mail and get it to baby Cheyenne!


One more blanket to go for the year!


3 thoughts on “My Second Blanket

    1. I think the next big one that you keep talking about is the Granny Square? Or the cool waffle one that you’re doing… 🙂


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