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Our Vicarage Assignment

What a whirlwind week! I last posted about Call Day, the Vicarage Placement service, and how excited I was to find out where Miguel and I would be sent. It’s been a week since Miguel’s name was called and the church was announced. Since then, I’ve had some time to process, plan, and prepare.

Boy am I even more excited now! I thought waiting for Call Day was hard enough, but I think it’s harder now that I know. I’m just so ready to get going, especially now that I know where I get to go!

Miguel was assigned to Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Iowa City, IA. This is incredible for many reasons.

I have two brothers that live in Iowa City. It will be so fun to have the opportunity to call them and ask to get together for dinner on a random night. It will be so much easier to see them, because for the past nine years, we’ve lived hours away. All of us will be very busy with our own things, which is great; I’m just excited to have that as an option! (And we’ll have some very helpful movers…)

Iowa City is only two hours from my parents. How easy will it be for me to see them!? I’m so thrilled about that because I love my parents, and they are really fun to hang around.

I lived in Iowa City for a semester when I was in college, and it is such a fun city. There are so many different things to do, and there is a really cool bookstore which I’m so excited to visit again. Plus, there are so many delicious restaurants (not great for the budget…).

We got a packet of paperwork from the church yesterday, and after reading it, Miguel and I both feel even more excited about the things we’ll be able to do at this church. It is quite a large church, and they have so much going on: Bible studies, community outreaches, active youth, and so much membership involvement! I’m excited to be able to find my niche as Miguel jumps in with his vicar duties.

We are both so excited to start this new chapter. There’s so much we have to learn, so much we’re going to learn, and we can’t wait to start.


Image taken from Election Academy. Court Blocks Several Iowa Absentee/Early Voting Changes, Limits Voter ID Rollout.”


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