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Call Day

I’ve been counting down the days until Call Day since last year. I started the countdown after walking out of the 3:00pm Vicarage Placement Service. After sitting through that service, hearing the churches, towns, and states that my friends would be living in, I couldn’t wait until it was our turn.

Today I looked at my countdown, knowing that the placement service is next week, and saw six days. For some reason, that hit me harder than “next week.” Six days. It’s six days away. I remember getting excited when we hit one year away. Then 100 days away. Then one month away. And now? Now it’s just six days away.

In six days, I’ll hear where my husband will be placed for his year of vicarage. I’ll hear where we are moving and when we are moving. I’ll be able to concretely plan our summer and move. How exciting is that?

People have asked me a few times, “Where are you going next year?” and I respond, “Well, I have no idea, but I’ll find out on May 1st!” They pause and think about that. Then, “When are you moving?” And I have to say, “Oh, probably sometime in either June or July. I don’t really know yet.” They just give me these looks. Looks of confusion and some terror. Imagine trying to plan a move to a place you don’t know, at a time you don’t know. I can just see on their faces how absurd it sounds.

Me? I’m okay with it. Maybe it is a little absurd. Maybe it is a little crazy. But hundreds of people have done it before me, hundreds will do it after me. And it seems to work just fine.

All I know is that I am so ready. I am so ready for this next step. I am so ready for this next chapter. Part of it may be that I am so ready to leave St. Louis. Sure, it’s been a fun chapter, but boy, I don’t particularly like this city. There’s good food and a big old silver arch, but it’s not my home, and it’s never felt like my home, and I’m ready to move on.

Another part is that for almost five years, I’ve imagined this live. As soon as I knew Miguel was a person, I knew he would be attending the seminary. I knew that meant a vicarage. I knew that meant a move to a place I would have no knowledge of. I guess I was okay with that; I married him, after all.

The past two years have been spent preparing for this year. Miguel has been studying, writing papers, reading books, praying, leading studies, participating in group projects, listening, speaking, and preaching, all to get ready for this year. This year of full immersion. This year of practice. I’ve been doing some learning, listening, studying, watching, and praying myself. Miguel isn’t doing this vicarage alone. I guess I could say it’s also my vicarage, but that feels weird and wrong. We’re in this together, and we’ll grow in this together. How exciting is that?

Anyway. Call Day is six days away. And I couldn’t be more excited. Sure, there will be nerves. The day of, I know I’ll be an anxious wreck. But right now, I’m just excited. Because God’s got a plan. A plan for me. A plan for Miguel. A plan for all Miguel’s fellow classmates and their families. And I know that plan is the best plan out there. And even if it’s a hard plan, God will guide me through. And that leaves me with nothing but endless joy and uncontainable excitement.


Image taken from Concordia Seminary. “Call Day.”

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