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The Best Dog in the Whole World

When I was in high school, we (my mom and the kids) convinced Dad to let us get a new dog. We had to put down our precious yellow lab, K.T., and it was really sad and lonely without a dog running around.

So we went to the pound. And everyone fell in love with this black lab named Buster. We took him home with us, but the name had to go. Nobody liked that name. We all had different ideas of what his new name should be but finally, after much voting and discussion and Facebook polls, we decided on Moses.

He’s been around about six years now, and I miss him every day (I’m going home this weekend, and I’m almost as excited to see him as I am to see my parents, but don’t tell them that…).

He’s pretty quirky, as all humans and animals are. He’s terrified of thunderstorms and thinks he’s a lap dog. He has strict bedtimes and gets very sad when those are ignored. He loves squeaky toys, and his favorite thing is to rip a toy to shreds in .25 seconds. He eats everything: peanut butter, marshmallows, cheese balls, ice cubes, cucumbers, carrots, onions, eggs, and so on. He also loves to run away but is so crazy about car rides, that if you go out and start the car, he comes running back, excited about a ride.

He drives my parents absolutely bonkers. They say they want me to take the dog away (which I would LOVE) but I know they wouldn’t actually let me. They secretly love him too much. They try to hide how much they love him, but everyone knows. Moses has them wrapped around their fingers. I can’t say I blame them; he is the best dog in the world. He’s a big ole love ball. He even convinced my aunt, who hates all dogs, and they have a beautiful friendship. He’s just great.

Here are my favorite pictures of my favorite pup:


I must the photo credit for all of these photos to my marvelous ma, Sandy Koch. Thanks, Ma.

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