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Wedding Memories

Yesterday after we got home from a Bible study, Miguel wanted to look through our wedding pictures. It was kind of weird because it seemed very out of the blue, but we opened up the computer and pulled up the website that holds our wedding photos and looked through the 800+ pictures we have from that day.

It was a lot of fun.

Sure, I was exhausted and  beyond ready to go to bed, but that was fitting because this is also how Miguel proposed (at about 1:00am, and I am not a night person…).

The wedding was two and a half years ago, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t a very long time. But considering how much has changed, how much we’ve changed, how much we’ve gone through in those two and a half years, it feels like a life-time ago.

But when we looked through those pictures, it felt like it was yesterday. I still remember the nerves, the excitement, the laughter, and the tears. I remember the panic at the tiny things that went “wrong.” I remember not eating at the reception and not even getting my champagne because one of the best men drank it…

It was the best day of my life! I loved that I was surrounded by all my friends and family. It was the greatest group of people you could ever stick in a room. And all of us just had fun together. Plus, I got to marry the best guy around. That’s pretty neat.

Anyway, I thought I could share some of my most favorite pictures from that day because they make me smile, and why not?

Many thanks to Grier Photography for making our day a memory we can hold onto forever!






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