100 things to do when you’re bored

  1. Read a book (This is always my go-to)
  2. Listen to a podcast
  3. Brainstorm your own podcast ideas
  4. Sing a song
  5. Write a song
  6. Listen to a song
  7. Read your Bible
  8. Memorize the books of the Bible
  9. Memorize a Bible passage
  10. Read a magazine or a newspaper
  11. Write a blog post
  12. Start a blog, and then write a blog post
  13. Make a list (bucket, to-do, to-read, to-listen…)
  14. Follow new blogs
  15. Color a picture
  16. Draw a picture
  17. Look up funny memes
  18. Start a GIF war with a friend
  19. Write a short story
  20. Write a poem
  21. Write a Bible study
  22. Start a novel
  23. Look up the latest in politics
  24. Watch a Ted Talk
  25. Figure out your personality type
  26. Clean (home, office, car…)
  27. Come up with your dream home
  28. Plan a fantasy vacation
  29. Find new recipes
  30. Research something you’ve always wanted to know (I’ve always wanted to know what causes hiccups but never taken the time to find out)
  31. Create a Christmas list on Amazon (it’s never too early to start.)
  32. Find a new restaurant to try
  33. Find a new food to try
  34. Plan your next week of meals
  35. Plan a girls/guys night out
  36. Reconnect with an old friend
  37. Tell your parents you love them
  38. Write a letter
  39. Call your grandma or grandpa
  40. Brainstorm one thing you would do to make the world a better place
  41. Car shop
  42. Shoe shop
  43. Book shop
  44. Read reviews of books you’ve been meaning to read
  45. Write reviews of books you’ve read
  46. Find your nearest library and stroll through the shelves
  47. Paint a canvas
  48. Learn how to make home-made detergent
  49. Learn how to make home-made candles
  50. Do laundry
  51. Organize your linen closet
  52. Organize your shoes
  53. Take your favorite book and write a screenplay (I’m not sure the legalities of it, but I figure if you don’t plan to publish until you research the legalities, you’re probably fine…)
  54. Find your favorite author’s blog and follow it
  55. Make a list of your top 20 favorite books
  56. Make a list of your top 20 favorite songs
  57. Learn how to read sheet music
  58. Learn how to play the harmonica
  59. Practice your whistling
  60. Find the closest rich neighborhood and drive by all the fabulous houses
  61. Catch up on politics
  62. Check the weather for the week
  63. Doodle
  64. Drink water
  65. Make oyster crackers
  66. Research the House of Windsor (it’s quite fascinating)
  67. Find out what your favorite celebrity does with his/her free time
  68. Start a journal
  69. Write in journal
  70. Make a list of your favorite baby names
  71. Look up pictures of puppies
  72. Find all the rubber bands in your house and make a rubber band ball
  73. Test your pens and throw away ones that don’t work
  74. Sharpen your pencils
  75. Clean under the kitchen sink
  76. Clean your stove top
  77. Make the bed
  78. Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and then throw away everything that doesn’t bring you joy
  79. Plan a family reunion
  80. Watch the videos for roller coasters at amusement parks (I recommend Cedar Point)
  81. Play Solitaire
  82. Play Snake
  83. Read all my blog posts
  84. Share my blog posts with your friends (I had to sneak this in)
  85. Start a garden
  86. See how many texts you can send to one person before they respond (you can blame me if they get annoyed)
  87. Read the old papers you wrote for grade school, high school, or college and then feel the shame
  88. Check your debt
  89. Clean out your email inbox
  90. Sharpen your knives
  91. Organize your books: alphabetically by author, alphabetically by title, by color, by genre, by order you purchased or read, etc.
  92. Reupholster your chairs and then teach my mom and me how to do it
  93. Perform a play for your neighbors or friends
  94. Memorize a famous speech (I once memorized Earl Spencer’s tribute to his sister, Diana, at her funeral because it is beautiful)
  95. Use Spotify radio or Pandora to find new artists and songs
  96. Watch old music videos you used to love
  97. Research your family tree
  98. Invite your friends over for a tasting (wine, tea, coffee, chocolate, cookie, etc.)
  99. Go to a pound and pet or walk puppies
  100. Volunteer at a local shelter or hospital


There are obviously so many things you can do when you’re bored, and some on my list may work for you, and some might now. That’s okay. The world is your oyster. Do what you want.


Image taken from NPR. “How do you keep from getting bored? Researchers have an answer.

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