A Wonderful Weekend

I got to spend the whole weekend with my favorite person. My mom drove six whole house to my apartment on Thursday night, and we just spent the weekend together. It was wonderful. The only bummer is that now I’m sad because she’s gone…

Anyway, here’s how we spent our wonderful weekend:

On Thursday, she got to our apartment between 9 and 10pm, so we spend the night catching up and stayed up late talking.

On Friday, we woke up and went shopping! We spent four hours in three stores, and it was great. We haven’t been able to shop like that in a really long time. Usually, whenever I go home, or when she comes to visit, we have someone tagging along who detests shopping, especially the way we shop, I guess, so we always feel a bit rushed and like we can’t enjoy our shopping because the people with us would rather be anywhere else.

We went to Ross, and we each found some really cute dresses! Mom got a dress for my cousin’s wedding, and I got a fun spring/summer dress with sunflowers, which are my favorite. Mom also bought some veggie straws which are a fantastic snack.

Then we went to Joann’s and picked out supplies for our art project. We also looked at the amazing selection of yarn.

We finished our spree at Cato, which is probably my mom’s favorite clothing store. They had so many great things in the store, and I know it was a struggle for mom to pick her favorites. I’m so proud of her though, because she bought yellow pants! I’m so excited! She got a few great tops to wear with them, and I’m actually pretty jealous. I would love yellow pants. Plus, the people working there dressed a mannequin after an outfit I put together, offered me a job, and thought I was in high school! It was a great hour or so!

After the shopping, we lunched at Chipotle, since Mom had a gift card, but the one near her closed, so she gave it to me over Christmas, and I hadn’t used it yet.

When we got home, we picked up Miguel and headed to Walmart. Mom needed slippers because she forgot hers at home and her feet are usually cold. Miguel needed snow boots, and we needed to pick up some pizza toppings, as we planned to make pizza for dinner.

Then, on the way home from that, we stopped at an antique shop, just for fun. We saw a lot of really great stuff, and Mom got some laughs out of all the things she has in her kitchen which are considered “antiques.” My favorite thing was a box of Busch with unopened bottles. Mom figured it was from the 70s or 80s. Bet that beer is gross now!

Then we went home to sit down for a bit. Mom and I did our craft, these hook size reminders (number one on the list). We struggled a lot with getting the clasp on the head pin, but then my dear friend Lauren came and showed us the way. Then it was much easier.

After that, we made pizza and watched Mamma Mia 2.

Then, on Saturday, we started our morning with Ikea breakfast, which is an amazing deal and delicious food. Mom managed to simply stop for food and not shopping, because she wanted to visit the Gateway Arch Museum, as it’s just recently been redone. It was a really nice museum: very informational. 

We went home and dropped Miguel off, then we had to go pick up my brother and his girlfriend up from the airport. They had stopped in St. Louis last week to see Fiddler on the Roof with us, then flew to Florida for vacation. They had to fly back to St. Louis to get their car, and Mom was happy to see them and take half of her kids out for dinner. We went to an amazing Greek restaurant called Olympia (seriously, if you live in the St. Louis area, you need to eat here). We had flamming cheese or Saganaki and gyros. Yum!

Cameron and Hope drove home, Miguel went back to work, and Mom and I watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat (twice) and worked on our crochet.

Sunday morning, we went to church. Miguel helped in the service, and Mom got a shout-out for making Miguel nervous.

Mom was supposed to leave Sunday after church, but the weather in Iowa was bad; they got more than six inches of snow that night, and roads weren’t plowed until the next morning, so she got to stick around another day!

Then we went home, ate chicken and noodles, and Mom and I went to Ikea to do some shopping.

When we got home, we were both pretty tired from all the shopping and walking, so we decided to watch something on Netflix. We started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, but you can only watch so much of that. We then watched the first episode of When Calls the Heart, but then we realized NCIS was on Netflix and watched that instead.

On Monday, we had a lazy morning, and Mom got packed to leave. It was a bummer, but I’m so thankful that I got to have such a great weekend with her! She’s a wonderful lady and I love spending time with her.

More pictures of the weekend will be shared in tomorrow’s post!




One thought on “A Wonderful Weekend

  1. I love ya, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. And… Did ya notice the blanket being crocheted in your link?? I know someone who made a beautifully awesome one just like it!! Same yarn and all!

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