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The one who views my every post

I say that it doesn’t matter if no one is reading my blog posts because the goal is to write for myself first. If I’m writing for me, why should I care if no one sees what I write?

However, I can’t help the little warm feeling I get in my tummy when someone says, “Hey, I read what you write, and I really enjoy it.” It sure makes a person feel great.

There is this one person who sees every post I write. I’ll post something, and within an hour, she’ll reach out with a comment or reaction to something I said.

And it’s so great.

It is such a boost to know that at least one person is having fun following my blog. One person is laughing in response to something I say. One person is taking time out of her day to read a post someone wrote three states away.

This person might be biased, because I’ve known her since she was born, but who cares? I sure don’t.

Anyway. All this is just to say, thanks, Sarah. Thanks for reading my posts. Thanks for reaching out and telling me that you enjoyed what I wrote. Thanks for being you and for being in my life. You rock!


P.S. I know you don’t like old pictures of us, so I didn’t post the pictures I really wanted to…

2 thoughts on “The one who views my every post

  1. Awww! I love Sarah! And You! I say “poat the pictures anyway! You guys were SO cute when YOU were 2…..and 3…..and 9…..and 12….lol and now you are BEAUTIFUL young woven!

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