What I do when I feel blue

There are a lot of days where I just feel very blue. I don’t want to do anything. I’m not happy. I’m not necessarily sad, but I’m just feeling down. It’s hard to even be around myself on those days, but I’m slowly learning how to make myself feel better or how to distract myself into feeling better.

Here are some ways I help myself on blue days:

  • I go for a walk. This one especially hit me this weekend. On Saturday, I was feeling very miserable. I was bored, anxious, nervous, and sad. All for no apparent reason. This was making me a pain to be around, and my poor husband was having a rough go of it. I finally said I needed to go on a walk. It was a beautiful day, and within five minutes, I was feeling much better. Fresh air and exercise can cure a lot.
  • I read a book. There’s rarely a time when reading doesn’t make me feel better. Some days I want the comfort of an oldie but a goodie, so I read Pride and Prejudice again. Some days I want something I know better than most anything so I read Harry Potter again. Some days I want something new, so I read whatever I have on my shelves that hasn’t been read yet. No matter what I choose, reading can usually help me, even it it’s just distracting me and sending me to a better place.
  • I eat ice cream. Ice cream is often the best and easiest solution to every problem. It’s never let me down.
  • I call my mom. She’s great at a lot of things, and one of those things is making me happy. Just hearing her voice lifts my spirits quite a bit.
  • I watch a good movie or TV show. My go-to feel-good movie of the moment is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s pretty cute and has good music. If I don’t have enough time for a movie, I’ll watch an episode of Cheers or The Office. I can’t not laugh at those shows.
  • I drink a cup of tea. That’s what sophisticated people do, right? It makes me feel better about myself.
  • I take a nap. Sleep is good, and naps are grand. I always feel better after a short cat-nap.

Some days, nothing can cure the blues, and that’s okay. I’ll try again the next day because that’s all we can do.



Image taken from Huffpost.Eeyore: A Pessimist’s Guide to a Beautiful Life.



2 thoughts on “What I do when I feel blue

  1. And pray! And read God’s words to you! And color. Coloring is always good! And crochet! And scroll through scrapbooks and facebook memories for a few chuckles, too! 🙂

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