The movie that always makes me cry

My Sister’s Keeper is the only movie that will never fail to make me cry. Miguel and I watched it on Tuesday night and I bawled. The opening credits make me tear up because I know what’s coming. I’ve seen this movie numerous times, and I think I’m just getting worse about crying.

Abigail Breslin’s acting is just great, especially at such an age. Alec Baldwin is incredible in his role. In fact, I think the entire cast is spot-on. For such an emotional movie, they do a really fantastic job of hitting the point home and just knocking viewers off their feet.

Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy watching the movie. When it’s over, all I have is this overwhelming sense of sorrow and a massive headache from the crying. It’s not a funny movie. It doesn’t bring me joy. Why do I still watch it. Better yet, why do I even own it?

This is the only movie that can bring forth such strong emotions for me. I know it’s not real. I know it’s made up and it’s just actors getting paid to play a part. But even still, I feel so much when I watch those 109 minutes, and that’s a big deal for me, especially considering I don’t really have a connection to the movie. I’ve had loved ones die from cancer, and that’s incredibly hard and painful, and maybe that adds to my tears, but the story in My Sister’s Keeper isn’t even comparable to what I’ve experienced.  Never-the-less, something that can emit that strong of a response is worthy of a second or third or 100th watch.

I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes, and at first I was surprised that it has a 48% rating. Then I remembered that in this generation, people find fault in everything and nothing is ever good enough.

It looks like most of the complaints are that the movie does nothing but make you cry. Seriously. People gave this a 2/4 saying, “My Sister’s Keeper targets tear ducts so ruthlessly, it might as well be sponsored by Kleenex.” I found this one interesting enough to read the full review. Then I just got confused, because he ended the full review saying, “I teared up exactly once watching “My Sister’s Keeper.” Okay then.

All this has taught me is that I can’t write reviews for movies.


Image taken from Roger EbertMy Sister’s Keeper Movie Review.


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