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Come, Lord Jesus

Some days I get overwhelmed by the sin in the world.

I opened my Facebook today while I was on hold on a phone call and scrolled through to kill time. I was hit with three stories of girls who were sexually assaulted by grown men whom they should have been able to trust.

Earlier in the week, I decided I wanted to watch the news more, so that I could be better informed of what’s going on around me. A high school kid, after visiting his dying mother in the hospital went to McDonald’s and was shot and killed in the parking lot. Two people driving somewhere were hit and killed in a car chase. Turns out, I’d rather not know what’s going on around me.

Ignorance is bliss?

Is it any wonder that my every day prayer is “Come, Lord Jesus.”?

I just posted my bucket list, and it’s quite the list of things I want to do before I die. I’m realizing, however, that none of those actually matter. I would be happier, more content, and more excited if Jesus came before I could cross another item off that list. I don’t care if I don’t cross a single thing off that list. Nothing is more important or exciting to me than His glorious return, especially when I open my eyes to see what’s going on around me.

While I suffer, while the world around me suffers, my only cry is “Come, Lord Jesus.”


Image taken from “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


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