Let it snow!

We’re supposed to get a huge snow storm this afternoon, and it’s supposed to continue until Sunday. That, to me, is perfection. Two days of nothing but snow? Yes, please!

We had one really good snowfall back in November. It snowed overnight and by noon, it was all melted, which was pretty disappointing.

This snowfall will probably melt as soon as it’s done snowing, but from what everyone is saying, it’s going to snow pretty much continually for two whole days.

If you don’t know, now you know. I love snow. I love being cold. I love everything about the snow.

I’ll try to explain, but I probably won’t do it justice. I love watching flakes float down to the ground, each one different from the next. I love that after a snowfall, everything is clean and perfect. There’s a reason God uses snow to show the cleansing power of His love and forgiveness in Isaiah 1:18. I love that when it snows, the world shuts down for a moment. Just a moment before kids run outside carrying sleds and packing snow for snowmen and snowball fights. I love snow.

I love that when it snows, we have an excuse to be lazy. I love playing in the snow, but my husband doesn’t, so usually, in snow storms, we might take one walk outside, but then hunker inside with tea, hot cocoa, or coffee, books, movies, or a good board game. There’s nothing that can interrupt that. For a few hours, we have nothing to do.

Today, when the snow hits, I’ll be ready. I’ve got boat loads of tea, Watership Down, and the fifth season of Cheers to keep me company.

Let the snowfall commence!


Image taken from The Atlantic.What the U.S. East Coast’s massive snow storm looks like.”


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