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2018 Review

I took holiday break from the blog, so it’s been about two weeks since my last post. Those two weeks were spent with family and friends, celebrating the birth of Jesus and the close of 2018. I thought, like many others before me, that it would be helpful for me to take time and review 2018.

I had a lot of lows in 2018, a lot of really hard days, but I’d rather not write on those. I’m choosing to think kindly when I reflect on the last year, because I have a lot of really happy days and memories too, and I hope to be more positive in the new year.

My birthday was one of the best ever. My husband took me to Universal Studios in Orlando. I spent my birthday drinking butterbeer, escaping Gringotts, and riding the Hogwarts Express. Then I ate at Margaritaville, which was delicious.

I stood in one of my dearest friend’s wedding, then toured upper Michigan for a week. Michigan is beautiful, and I had a blast riding a bike around Mackinac Island and searching for Petoskey stones.


Miguel and I spent a few days in Chicago, checking out the sights and attending an outstanding performance of Hamilton. 

My husband and I bought our first car together. Her name is Virginia, and we love her.


I started this blog and am immensely enjoying the challenge of writing. 

I completed an ABC reading challenge, which forced me to read some great books that I’d been meaning to read for a while and discover great books I didn’t know about.

I deleted Twitter from my phone, and that just feels weirdly good.

My darling, wonderful, amazing cousin, Sarah, asked me to stand up in her wedding, which is this year, and I can’t wait!!!

Miguel and I beat Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo Classic, and that’s the first time I’ve ever played completely through a game.

I successfully crocheted two blankets. I think that’s pretty amazing. My father-in-law really likes his, so I think I have a true talent.

There’s other big stuff too, I’m sure, and I’ll think of things I missed when I’m trying to sleep tonight, but these are the big ones. 

I had a good year. I cried a lot, and I laughed a lot. Each day is a gift from God, and God blessed me with 365 days to celebrate life in 2018. I may not have celebrated on each day, but today, I’m celebrating even those dark days. I’ve got 360 days left in this year, and I’m ready for them all. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how to celebrate life in the new year, and tomorrow I’ll post my resolutions. 

Each day is a gift, a blessing, even the days I hated. Thanks be to God for a year past and a new year come. 


Image taken from fastweb The Best College Scholarships: 2018 Edition

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