My Passion for Coffee Mugs

I have a lot of coffee mugs. Some people might say it’s a problem. I say they’re a blessing. Maybe it’s weird, but my coffee mugs, each one of them, reminds me of a blessing I have. Miguel has tried to convince me several times that I need to get rid of some. But read this post, dear, and then tell me how I’m supposed to get rid of some.

My amazing father-in-law got Miguel and me Harry Potter coffee mugs. We have 2 mugs for each house, and they’re especially nice because they’re huge. As I’m writing this, I realize that Miguel convinced me to “put them away” for a little bit, and I miss them, so when I get home, I’m taking them out straight away. He also got us those color changing mugs. It’s black until you pour hot water (or coffee) in it, and then the Marauders Map shows up.

When I was in high school, my family went on a family trip to Cedar Point, and as a souvenir, I got a mug. Not only does it remind me of the amazing time we had at Cedar Point, but it also holds like three cups of coffee; it’s so big!

As wedding gifts, we received two sets of mugs. The first, from my brother, Cameron, says Mr. on one and Mrs. on the other. I absolutely love having hot cocoa nights with my Mr. My dear friend Hope got Miguel a monkey mug and me an elephant mug because those are our favorite animals. This reminds me that I have a fantastic friend who knows me so very well, and I love elephants: double win.

I have a few mugs from my Alma mater, Concordia University-Ann Arbor, and I can’t get rid of those. I had a wonderful four years at CUAA, and those mugs remind me of those days. Plus, I’m pretty sure those were gifts from my hubby.

Miguel worked at a camp one summer, and we have two mugs from that camp. He got them both for me, and those are the mugs I take to work and use for hot water when my fingers freeze off.

My grandma cleaned out her camper a couple of  years ago, and she gave Miguel and me some of the gear she and Grandpa used for camping, including coffee mugs. One set is yellow, so I love because it’s yellow and (more importantly) because it’s from Grandma and Grandpa. The other set is an RV camper tour set. Again, I love it because not only is it from Grandpa and Grandma, but they used it on fun camping trips, and it reminds me of the stories they would tell about their camper trains.

One of my favorite mugs is my Today Show mug. When I went to New York City on a band tour, a group got up early to stand in line to be on the Today Show outside. And we made it! We had so much fun! They interviewed us to be on the radio show that day, and we got to meet Al Roker!! The producers outside thought we were the best fans so they gave us all free coffee mugs for the number one fans of the morning.

My amazing, cool, totally fantastic mom bought me TWO mugs at the Concordia Publishing House bookstore when she was visiting me in St. Louis. She bought them for me, so every time I see them, I’m reminded of how awesome she is, and they’re both really beautiful mugs. One says “God’s promises are new every morning” and the other says “By Grace through Faith in Christ alone Ephesians 2:8.” Both are fantastic things to be reminded of in the morning.

My neighbor, after I got home from a week away, made me a welcome home basket, with tea and coloring books and cookies, and… coffee mugs! I love those mugs because they’re wide and a lovely mint green. And it was so thoughtful and kind of her to make me a basket.

Many moons ago, my oldest brother, Caleb, got me a mug for Christmas. It says, “A most beloved sister.” How cute is that? An awesome mug from an awesome brother.

I have a beautiful mug that my darling friend Melissa got me when she studied abroad in Spain. 

I have two mugs from Concordia Publishing House during my internship. One quotes 1 Peter 1:25, and the other was made to promote a book called Being Lutheran.

Miguel has three mugs from his mission trip to Guatemala, and a mug from Puerto Rico.

I have a mug from my home church. It took me 22 years to get that mug (even though I attended that church regularly for 18 years prior), so I’m not getting rid of that any time soon.

I have two special mugs from the weddings I’ve stood (or will stand) in, and those will not be going anywhere.

I have two mugs from Denny’s. I won’t say much about them, but the memories I have from those two mugs and the work I did to get those mugs means too much to me.

Miguel and I, shortly after getting married, decided we want to travel all to all 50 states. In order to keep track of the states we’ve been to, we decided to buy a mug from each state! As of right now we have New York, Florida, Michigan, Texas, and New Orleans. We’ve been to more states, but we haven’t bought mugs from there yet. This month, we’re going to Chicago, so we can get an Illinois mug then!

Coffee mugs tell a lot about your personality, and I love my collection. I have so many memories and am reminded to count my blessings each morning as I choose a mug.

2 thoughts on “My Passion for Coffee Mugs

  1. I get it. Every cup has a story of its own. I started a cup collection many years ago but had to give it up for lack of space to put them. Instead, I opted to use refrigerator magnets. They are the perfect items to carry and take up less space. Plus, they are a great way to break the ice with all guess who come to my house. Whatever the travel token, they always bring up the best memories. Loved your post. Thanks.

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    1. Magnets is a really good idea too! You can always find magnets in states you visit, so that would work for our state goal. If I ever *truly* have to get ride of mugs, I’ll have to think about magnets!
      Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you enjoyed!

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