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Waiting Sucks; Don’t Do It Alone.

Waiting sucks. I hate it. I don’t have the patience to wait for something I want. Especially these days, in a society of instant gratification, waiting is difficult. If we want pizza, it can be delivered in less than 30 minutes (honestly, even this is hard to wait for). We send texts and emails that take no time at all to deliver. We can even get groceries delivered to our door.

Most people are waiting for something. A lot of us are in periods and stages of waiting. It could be waiting for any number of things. Christians especially are waiting on the Lord. We are waiting for Christ’s glorious return. Most of us are waiting to see friends and family on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Some of us might be waiting for our boyfriend to make that next step and ask that question. Some of us might have taken that next step and are now waiting for the wedding day. Some of us are waiting for two pink lines on a pregnancy test. Some of us are waiting for news from a doctor, praying for the best. Some of us might be waiting for our final day, when we draw our last breath. We wait for job promotions, job interviews, phone calls, acceptance letters, and so on. When things are going well, we wait for the other shoe to drop.

It seems, to me at least, that we’re always in a period of waiting, in one way or another.

We’ve gotten spoiled by all of the instant gratification around us, so waiting is frustrating. It’s like that commercial: “It’s my money, and I need it now!” The premise of the commercial is getting cash now. Instant gratification.

There are a lot of “worst parts” about waiting, and one of them is that waiting is isolating. For some reason, when we’re waiting, we do it alone. We feel like we have to do it by ourselves, we don’t feel like we can turn to anyone else, and (in our self-centered minds) we’re the only ones waiting for something: “nobody can relate or can understand what I’m going through.”

Waiting is hard enough without having to do it alone. It’s hard to reach out, but it’s so much easier to have someone to lean on, someone to cry with, someone to pray with, someone to listen to you, and someone to offer distractions when you feel like it. Chances are, when you reach out, you’ll find someone who has gone through or is going through the exact same thing as you. All you have to do is ask.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12



Image taken from Union Church of Manila BlogActively Waiting for God’s Timing.”


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