Bird Box-Josh Malerman

I just read the most exciting book I’ve read in a long time. Last night, home alone, I read Bird Box by Josh Malerman. It was an incredible ride of twists, turns, and suspense.

Here’s the plot: there’s this thing (and the cool part is, you never get any description as to what this thing is, some people call it a creature, but we know nothing about it), and if you see it, you go mad, trying to kill everything around you and committing suicide. The book, then, is all about sensory deprivation, somewhat similar to the plot of The Quiet Place except this is depraving sight. If you’re not looking anywhere, you can’t see the creature or thing.

The main character is a mom with two four-year olds. You learn that she’s alone after the rest of her house died (you don’t get any details of this until much later), and she’s formulating a plan to save herself and her children.

Malerman changes time each chapter, bouncing between her pregnancy and current time, which helps keep the plot moving. The writing style is also very driving, providing details, but not too much to bog down the reader, which might be easy, because there’s not much he can describe.

Basically, this is just an incredibly good read and I highly suggest it. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Image taken from AvAuxJosh Malerman Overreaches in chilling debut Bird Box

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