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My Bearable Monday

I took a break from writing last week; I ran out of time and was very distracted. I got to spend the whole week at my parents’ house and it was great. It was nice to be able to spend time away from “real” life for a while. I didn’t have to come into work, or even think about work for 10 whole days.

During the week, I baked, shopped, crafted, crocheted, ate, read, slept, binged on Seinfeld, cuddled with my dog, went on walks, practiced Ukulele, and just generally lazed about. It couldn’t have been any better than it was. I got to spend quality time with my mom, my dad, my husband, my dog, my brother, and some extended family. My husband preached at my home congregation which was way cool, and he did an amazing job! I painted a rock, I fed a donkey and a buffalo:


What could make that trip any better? Oh, yeah, I got to attend a beer tasting at my local library. Amazing! It even snowed!

Unfortunately, now I’m back at home and back to the “real” world, so it’s hard not to be miserable on a Monday. I’m car-lagged. It was dark when I woke up this morning. It was cold in our apartment. We have no food. I would rather be almost anywhere than work. I just want to be on vacation again. It’s so easy to be miserable today.

But. I made a goal. I’m not going to have any more miserable Mondays. This morning, I watched a few episodes of Cheers, and that was fun. It made me smile. At work, I had to play catch-up from the week I was out, so I didn’t have time to be miserable. This evening, I get to attend a meeting where I will receive information on the next steps for our vicarage process. After that, I’ll walk with my husband and catch up on the latest episodes of The Good Place. And doesn’t this picture of my cute puppy make you smile?


You can’t be miserable after looking at this adorable goofball covered in flour because he just has to be where the people (and food) are.

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