My Number One Fan

I wanted to take today to appreciate my number one fan. It is Thursday after all, so I can call this Thankful Thursday, and I am so thankful for my number one fan, Ma.

Before I go into all the details of her fandom, I want everyone to know that my mom is seriously the most amazing person. She’s an incredible mother and fantastic woman. I honestly had the best childhood, and she’s 50% of the reason why (the other half, being my dad, of course)!

I don’t think I’ve ever gone a single day without talking to her (mostly because I need help with almost every recipe I attempt but also just because I love her dearly). We’re trying to get out Snapchat streak super high, and really, she’s the only reason I have Snapchat. She’s the only one I ever snap or chat. But because of the way Snapchat does it, we’re only at 36. We can’t quite figure out when we have to snap, and when we think we’ve got it, we end up losing the streak. And also when we visit each other, we forget to snap. But we’re getting better. I think our record so far is 50ish, and the only reason we lost that is because we snapped early one morning and then late the next day… which is silly.

I plan to be exactly like my mom when I grow up. If I ever have children, I plan to follow my mom’s (and dad’s) parenting methods. There were times when I was a kid that I thought they were being super unfair and rude and cruel, but I was a dramatic pre-teen and they really were being awesome.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that if you don’t know my ma, you really should know her because she’s the coolest.

And she’s my number one fan. She reads this little blog and lets me know what she thought of it, shares it on Facebook, or sends me a letter containing an in-depth exploration of the thing I wrote on. She never fails to let me know that she thinks I’m awesome, and it’s really great to have such an unconditional fan.

She’s even my biggest fan outside of blogs. When I make something, like cinnamon rolls or a crocheted blanket, she’s the first to say I did well, even if I forget the cinnamon and have cinna-less rolls…

I even have the proof to show that she really is my biggest fan:


(this is from my mom’s Facebook).

This is all to say, thanks, Ma, for being my biggest and best fan. I love you!

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