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Reflecting Light by Sam Phillips

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day long. It was on the last Gilmore Girls episode that I watched and when I heard it, I immediately looked it up, and it’s been stuck ever since. It’s a lovely song: beautiful melodies, beautiful words, and Sam has a beautiful voice.

The chorus is hauntingly accurate to so many moments in my life:

Now that I’ve worn out, I’ve worn out the world
I’m on my knees in fascination
Looking through the night
And the moon’s never seen me before
But I’m reflecting light

I think it’s interesting that she says first that she’s worn out, and then with the repetition, she adds worn out the world. These seem, to me, to be two different things. I’m worn out, or the world’s worn out because of me. But maybe she’s saying after all that she’s been through, she’s worn out of the world?

She’s so worn out that she has nothing left to do but fall to her knees, in fascination of the night she’s looking at. Totally relatable! I’ve always been fascinated by the vastness of a night sky, the multitude of stars, and the brilliant light reflected on the moon.

I love the last two lines of the chorus. The moon probably hasn’t seen any of us (putting aside the fact that the moon can’t see), but here, she’s being seen by the moon because of the light that she’s reflecting.

I’ve taken that to mean that finally, after all the weary and worn out stuff she’s gone through, something has happened, something has changed that shone a brilliant light on her, so much so that the moon can see her in the night, amidst all the other lights of the night sky. Incredible!

I encourage everyone to go check out this song. The verses are all pretty great and come together to make a fantastic song.


Image taken from WBSMFree Night Sky Viewing at UMass Dartmouth Observatory.

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